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R&D Policy

R&D Policy

The Nippon Denko Group strives to develop new products on the strength of technology for smelting and refining metal and manufacturing chemicals in addition to researching environmental technologies that promote environmental conservation and resource recycling.

Fundamental Strategy: R&D that Looks Ahead to the Future

Priority policies
  • Product development that integrates customer needs and technology seeds
  • Development of technologies and products that contribute to a decarbonized society
  • Applied development of functional materials
  • Development of environmental and recycling technology
  • Collaboration with cutting-edge companies and research institutes

R&D System

The Nippon Denko Group has created an effective research and development system through robust collaboration between its two constituent groups ― a Research Group that carries out research and development, and a New Product and New Business Group that anticipates customers’ needs and explores research topics ― and the plants that apply the outcomes of the development.

Promoting research and development based on robust collaboration between groups

Promoting research and development based on robust collaboration between groups

Intellectual Property

The Nippon Denko Group endeavors to acquire robust intellectual property rights for newly developed technology and ensure that the rights strengthen its competitiveness and serve as a source of new business.
We are also committed to rigorously managing operational and technological information and taking other steps to protect our intellectual property rights.

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