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Functional Materials Business

We produce high-performance, high-quality functional materials on the strength of our hard-earned metallurgical and powder technologies.
Our functional materials are used in a number of advanced materials, including metal hydride alloys for HVs and cathode materials for the lithium-ion batteries of EVs, thus helping create a sustainable society.

Functional Material Products

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  • Zirconium Oxide

    Zirconium Oxide


    Our zirconium oxide is extremely fine, with primary particles that are around 20 nanometers in diameter, and is high in purity.
    It is used as materials for electronic parts that support IT devices, and contributes to their high functionality.


    Ceramic capacitors for smartphones, piezoelectric elements of gyroscopes in car navigation systems and video game consoles, optical glass for the lenses of single-lens reflex cameras, films for LCD, and more

      For Electro Ceramics For Optical Glass High-Refractive Index for Resin Additives
    High-refractive index ZrO2 nanoparticle
    Specification Typical Specification Typical Specification Typical Specification Typical Specification Typical
    ZrO2 99.6 min 99.9 99.6 min 99.9 99.6 min 99.9   99.9   99.9
    TiO2 0.1 max <0.01 0.1 max <0.01 0.05 max <0.01   <0.02   <0.02
    SiO2 0.1 max <0.01 0.1 max <0.01 0.1 max <0.01   <0.05   <0.05
    Fe2O3 0.05 max <0.01 0.05 max <0.01       <0.02   <0.02
    Fe         3 ppm max 2 ppm        
    Na2O   <0.01   <0.01   <0.01        
    CaO   <0.01   <0.01   <0.01        
    Ig loss 0.8 max 0.5 0.8 max 0.5 0.5 max 0.2        

    unit : wt%

    PCS60 PCS90
    D50 μm 1.1 0.8 3.0 - -
    BET m2/g 33 30 10 60 90

    D50: Average of particle size
     Average of Particle Size
    BET: Specific surface area
     Specific Surface Area
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