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Pure Water Production System is adopted for the Nagoya-Castle Green Hydrogen Station


Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. (the "Company" or "we") hereby announces that our Pure Water Production System (MR Pack®) has been adopted for the hydrogen filling equipment (manufactured by PDC Machines) at the Nagoya-Castle Green Hydrogen Station.
On-site hydrogen stations (water electrolysis method) produce hydrogen by electrolyzing water, and it is supplied to fuel cell vehicles (FCV). Our system is used to produce pure water suitable for electrolyzation. As of the end of 2023, our systems account for approximately 60% of the pure water production equipment used in on-site hydrogen stations.


Nagoya-Castle Green Hydrogen Station

The Nagoya-Castle Green Hydrogen Station supplies clean hydrogen produced by electrolyzing water using renewable energy and non-fossil fuel certificates from renewable sources.
Our Koriyama Plant, which manufactures and maintenances Pure Water Production System, also operates virtually 100% renewable energy. In addition to installing photovoltaic power generation facilities, the plant is purchasing non-fossil certificates with FIT tracking. Through our Pure Water Production System, we aim to realize a clean energy society that utilizes hydrogen.


Our logo to attach to products manufactured at the Koriyama plant

Pure Water Production System "MR Pack"

  • Pure Water Production System

    Features: Compact design / Easy to operate by automatic control. / No location specific / Customizable

    Application: Pure water production (for hydrogen production, car wash, surface treatment cleaning, experiment, and analysis)

Details of the equipment delivered

Pure water supply: 12L/h (@6°C)
Pure water quality: Electrical Conductivity < 0.1μS/cm (@ion exchange resin tower exit)
Location: Outdoor

In this installation, we have modified some systems and specifications that constitute the standard equipment for the customer.

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