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Notice Regarding the Developing a New Ion-Exchange Inorganic Crystal


Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. (the "Company") hereby announces that the Company has developed a new ion-exchanged inorganic crystal with water treatment functions that do not exist in ion-exchange resins in collaboration with Verne Crystal Ltd., a venture company originating from Shinshu University, and Shinshu University.

This ion-exchange inorganic crystal exhibits excellent water treatment characteristics that are absent from ion-exchange resins. Specifically, because it is possible to selectively and efficiently absorb such substances as phosphorous and nitrogen, various plants will be possible to recycle and reuse wastewater. It also prolongs the life of the plating solution (electroless nickel plating, etc.) that is disposed of.

The Company will continue to develop wastewater treatment equipment using ion-exchange inorganic crystals, with the aim of achieving practical application in two years.

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